My Mom and Me – August 2001

Some of my favorite memories are around holidays.  Since my mother passed away when I was in high school, I cherish those memories.  My mother loved the holidays and any excuse to celebrate life.  Fall and Halloween was a favorite time in our household from carving pumpkins in a sad artsy attempt and decorating our house in skeletons and spider webs to getting dressed up to go trick or treating.  These days I spend my October following these traditions of attempting to carve a pumpkin, decorating my house and dressing up my fur baby in embarrassing costumes for adorable photos.

Just like growing up, I don’t live in an area that is ideal for children going door to door for Halloween’s favorite activity.  A busy trick or treating night would be one child stopping by our house.  We would drive 20 minutes into town to show off how proud we were in our costumes.  If you live in a busy trick or treating neighborhood, there are a ton of options of candy to hand out.  There are also lots of options that are naturally vegan that don’t cost a fortune to hand out to adorable kids dressed as robots, dinosaurs, baseball players or their favorite cartoon characters.


Here are just a few of my favorite vegan Halloween candies!  Laffy Taffy, Skittles, Dots, Now & Laters, Smartees, Mamba and Chic-o- Stick are all VEGAN!  Mamba and Chic-o-Stick are actually labeled as vegan on the back of their packaging.  Some other vegan options that are available are Airheads, Charms Blow Pops, Mary Jane’s, Pez and Sour Patch Kids.  Check out more options here.  All of these are great options to ensure that your kids or trick or treaters will have a cruelty-free sugar rush for days!

For your enjoyment and my love to dress up my dog, here are some pictures from past Halloweens with my fur baby in his adorable costumes.  Enjoy!

Halloween 2014
Halloween 2015
Halloween 2016

Bye y’all!