A favorite recipe in our household prior to going vegetarian was grilled sausages with cheesy polenta.  This was a recipe that I had to recreate – vegan style.  I was able to find some similar sausages at Whole Foods and Kroger.  Field Roast has several meat replacement options and the Chao Cheese slices that I have discussed in previous posts.  This is the first Field Roast Meat Replacement that my family has tried and we were blown away!

Here is how I decided to make and serve my Field Roast Smoked Apple Sausage for this review.  fr-watermarkI grilled the Field Roast Sausages in a skillet with a quick spray of non-stick spray and turned them to get marks on all sides as they cooked.  The asparagus was baked on a baking sheet with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes, flipping half way through.   I simply sauteed the cherry tomatoes with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil until they started to burst open.  The polenta was cooked per the instructions on the package depending on how much you want to make at one time.  Once the polenta was cooked, I added some Smart Balance vegan butter and salt & pepper to taste.  If you want that cheesy flavor, you could add a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast.  Since my husband didn’t want a cheesy polenta, I chose to sprinkle some Go Veggie Grated Parmesan just on top of my polenta.  This meal met all our requirements for a vegan version of our favorite sausage and polenta.

The sausages were very sweet with a great replication of sausage texture without the sketchiness of ground meat – you know what I mean.  They came 4 in a package and required very little work – just cut out of the package and cook on a grill or a skillet on the stove top.  The ingredient list on that package is very interesting as well.  The product uses vital what gluten to bind the vegetable ingredients like Yukon gold potatoes, dried apples and spices.  In terms of calories, they are on the higher side with 240 calories per sausage, but it contains 3 grams of fiber and 26 grams of protein.  One sausage was way too much food for each of us so we had leftovers of the sausage and polenta for a few days!  It reheated in the microwave for work left overs at lunch which is perfect for our family!  In addition to this sweet variation, they are available in Italian Sausage and Mexican Chipotle which we can’t wait to try!

Wannabe Vegan: 8/10     ~     Omnivore: 7/10

Bye y’all!