As suspected, I have survived my first Thanksgiving without turkey!  I am very thankful that I have an understanding family that supported my decision to not eat turkey this year and I know there are lots of people that don’t have that support.  Every family member at my table even tried a bite of my vegan turkey-less roast!

I chose to bring the Gardein Stuffed Turk’y to my Thanksgiving feast.  I have never had a Gardein product that I didn’t love.  To prepare for the feast, I precooked my gardein-watermarkGardein Stuffed Turk’y at home and threw it in the oven once I was at my grandparent’s house to keep warm.  The single portion was plenty for one person especially since the sides have always been center stage on my Thanksgiving plate.  I really enjoyed this product, but it is a little different than eating the traditional roasted turkey since it is breaded.  With the stuffing on the inside of the turk’y, I felt like I had too much stuffing since there was obviously some chestnut stuffing on my plate – it’s my favorite part!  I would prefer a simple turkey replacement without stuffing, but most all of the vegan turkey options are stuffed in a similar fashion.  I would absolutely purchase this product again and I am looking forward to trying the rest of the vegan turkey-less options available.

Wannabe Vegan Rating: 8/10     |    Omnivore Rating: 7/10

Bye y’all!