Back Roads & Mason Jars is officially ONE year old!

As I think about all my past birthdays, they all include one thing – sweet treats.  As a young child, the classic sheet cake decorated with roses, candles, and my name in brightly colored icing was a staple at all of my roller skating parties.  I even had a cat that got into my cake the night before my party because she couldn’t contain her excitement for a midnight snack.  As I grew up, the super sweet cake was replaced by homemade strawberry rhubarb cobbler – still my all time favorite birthday dessert.  In addition to presents, my mom would also wake me up on the morning of my birthday with a card and a small treat for the day.  It was always the same thing, but there were lots of variations over the years.  That thing was gummy treats!  Gummy bears.  Gummy worms. Gummy Sharks.  Gummy coke bottles. Sour Patch Kids. Watermelon slices.  Gummy frogs.  Peach rings.  I loved them all!  What better way to celebrate Back Roads & Mason Jars than with a VEGAN gummy review!  After all, I’ve had LOTS of experience tasting every gummy bear I could get my hands on!

J. Luehder’s of Germany

I picked up this treat at a Starbuck’s inside of a Barnes & Noble.  It was right next the register and is clearly proud of its vegan label!  I got two flavor varieties – Fruity Flowers & Red Berries.  They are free of gelatin as well as artificial colors and flavors.  The flavors are better than the texture.  They are more like fruit snacks than a gummy.  We both preferred the Fruity Flower variety a little more than the Red Berries.  My husband hates cherry flavoring because of some childhood trauma of cherry Tylenol, but they do pack a lot of flavor into each bite.

Omnivore Rating: 6/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 5/10


Surf Sweets – Watermelon Rings

These were a late night impulse purchase from Whole Foods to complete my vegan junk food buggy.  I remember eating a peach flavored ring like this as a child.  Wearing them as rings on your fingers was a requirement before you could actually eat them.  I also LOVE all things watermelon flavored even though none of them actually taste like watermelons.  I was disappointed in this product.  The texture was a little weird and mushy with a lot sugar crystals coated on the ring that made it too sweet for us.

Omnivore Rating: 4/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 4/10


Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers

I love that Trader Joe’s has so many vegan treats and most of them are labeled as such.  These mock ups of Swedish Fish are naturally vegan just like the brand name, but with a lower price tag!  I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a bad product from Trader Joe’s so my expectations are high for this one.  Trader Joe’s came through with a win on this one!  The flavor is spot on to the brand name competitor, but they don’t get stuck in your teeth as bad.  It’s the perfect treat for a movie night at home with some of your favorite popcorn!

Omnivore Rating: 9/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 9/10


CVS Gold Emblem – Sour and Regular Gummy Bears

I was very surprised to find these in my small town local CVS.  They also advertise that they are  free from artificial flavors, colors, gelatin, fat and GMO’s.  I love traditional gummy bears, but my husband likes the sour side a little more so we thought this was the perfect compromise to try!  The plain gummy bears were nothing like the real thing and made us very sad.  The Sour Gummy candy made up for it though!  This was my favorite product of the day by far.  It’s not overpowering with sourness and has a nice balance between sweet and sour.


SOUR Gummy Candy: Omnivore Rating: 9/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 10/10

Gummy Bears: Omnivore Rating: 3/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 2/10


Black Forest Organic Sour Heads – Watermelon

Most of the Black Forest product line is not vegan, but their version of “Sour Patch Kids” are naturally vegan.  They appear to be a healthier option with labels like Organic, Non-GMO and natural colors.  This is the watermelon flavor I was expecting with the rings!  This has the watermelon punch you are looking for and provides a nice texture for a gummy candy.

Omnivore Rating: 8/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 9/10


Bye y’all!