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I am for sure one of those crazy ladies that dresses up her dog for Halloween – every. single. year.  Our dog, Brodie, has lived out his wildest fantasies in past Halloweens as a bumble bee, shark, sheriff, and even a pumpkin.  This year he requested a new look that fit in more with his new house in the country.  We found the perfect fit – a Lumberjack!  Our whole family even got into the plaid this year in our support of his dreams.  Yes – that’s Brodie’s happy face in case you were wondering.

This year, we picked up a few vegan candy bars that we thought would be great alternatives to the traditional counterparts.  We actually purchased these at Whole Foods, but we have seen them at other stores like Kroger or Target.  Since my husband has the sweet tooth in our family, you’ll have to rely on his opinion more during this round.

Amy’s Dreamy Bar

I think most people reading this are very familiar with the Amy’s brand, but their more well known products in the frozen department.  I didn’t even know they made any other products until I stumbled upon this one day.  The store I was at sold a variety of chocolate bars, but this was the only one labeled vegan at that time.  The label describes the bar as a dark chocolate bar filled with nougat.  Traditional nougat is not vegan since it is made with egg whites.  Upon reading the label, the bar sounds most like a 3 Musketeers bar.  It is far from it though. The bar is way more dense than the counterpart and has a gritty texture in the filling.  This bar also boasts the highest sugar with 25 grams!

Wannabe Vegan: 2/10  ~  Omnivore:  6/10

Enjoy Life – Dark Chocolate

I was that weird kid that always collected the Hershey’s Special Dark pieces out of the mixed bag.  Most kids hated them and would fight over the Mr. Goodbars, but not me.  Dark chocolate is my personal favorite.  I keep several bars in my fridge ready to eat at all times.  I particularly like the 70% to 85% dark chocolate and bonus points if it has sea salt in it!  This bar didn’t quite live up to the hype in my head.  The texture is very chalky and didn’t have that melt in your mouth quality.  I will say that their cookie products are way better than this bar tasted.

Wannabe Vegan: 3/10  ~  Omnivore:  3/10

Enjoy Life – Rice Milk Chocolate

This bar is a rice milk alternative to a classic milk chocolate bar like Hershey’s for example.  Simple – just a bar of solid chocolate.  It certainly isn’t as dry as the other two Enjoy Life bars and did melt in our mouths a little bit more.  It didn’t have quite the same creaminess as traditional milk chocolate, but it isn’t gritty or chalky like the dark chocolate version.  It is a little too sweet for my taste personally.

Wannabe Vegan: 4/10  ~  Omnivore:  5/10

Enjoy Life – Rice Milk Crunch

Do you remember Nestle Crunch bars?  That’s exactly what I thought it tasted like.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten one, but I feel like it’s a really good copy cat product.  My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t as much of a fan.  He thought the chocolate still had a dry taste, but he did like the crunch of the rice to break up the flavor more.  I will also state that this product does contain honey in the rice crisps not the chocolate per the nutrition label.  Honey is a subject that many debate over its classification so use your own judgement there.

Wannabe Vegan: 7/10  ~  Omnivore:  4/10

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Obviously, we all know what this product is made to mimic – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I’m confident in saying that if you never liked Reese’s – you can’t be trusted.  It is a perfect match.  I had very high hopes for this product.  I already know I like the flavor combination and I particularly love dark chocolate the best.  This particular pack is filled with the mini size product, but I have seen them in trick-or-treat sized portions at stores like Target.  Have you ever tried a PB2 product?  That peanut butter that’s a powder form since the fat has been removed.  That’s what it tastes like inside the dark chocolate exterior.  It’s missing that melt in your mouth texture and the creaminess of the peanut butter isn’t there.  Not my favorite treat at all.

Wannabe Vegan: 4/10  ~  Omnivore:  4/10

Happy Halloween y’all!

august vegan cuts box review

edited-photo-2Vegan Cuts is a company based in Canada that provides a service to send you a box of randomly selected vegan snacks directly to your door once a month.  They have a monthly vegan beauty box on their website as well as providing a store to purchase your favorite vegan tested treats!  I signed up in March of 2016 and have enjoyed every bite! Visit them here to subscribe today!

August 2016 Box Review

The website states that there should be 10 or more vegan snack items in each box.  Every box I have received has included several more than 10 snacks in addition to several coupons for vegan items that were either in this box or previous boxes.  This month I received 11 snacks in my box one of which was a duplicate snack I have tried in a previous box.  Read on to see what this wannabe Vegan and Omnivore thought!

Cabo Chips Original Flavorimg_1924-b

The chips were very hearty and would be great with dips like hummus or a 7 layer dip.  I didn’t taste any lime flavor unfortunately since I really love lime tortilla chips, but the soy sauce flavor was very strong.  The package does display a vegan label so there’s no question about the ingredients.

Vegan: 6/10

Omnivore: 6/10


img_1930-aBanana Water Mango Flavor

We did refrigerate this sample prior to tasting.  I thought it tasted like a watered down apple juice.  I didn’t really get a banana or mango flavor from this one.  It was refreshing and high in potassium!

Vegan: 6/10

Omnivore: 5/0



Enjoy Life Sugar Crispimg_1934-a

What could be bad about a cookie?  Nothing!  There is a characteristic crunch that I think all gluten free products have, but it was delicious with lots of sugar!  The company actually goes beyond the vegan label and are free from almost all allergens!

Vegan: 7/10

Omnivore: 8/10

img_1927-aBandar Naan Chips Tikka Masala Flavor

I was very much looking forward to trying these since I love Naan bread.  The chips were spicy and very crunchy.  I much prefer the texture of these to pita chips and would be a delicious addition to my hummus rotation especially with the Garlic and Himalayan Salt flavors available on their website.

Vegan: 8/10

Omnivore: 8/10


Karma Cashews img_1933-a

We actually tried our first wrapped cashew this summer at our first Vegetarian Festival.  I never knew there was such a thing!  We liked the additional texture and the skin makes the cashew have a more savory flavor.

Vegan: 8/10

Omnivore: 9/10

img_1926aCassava Pops Luau BBQ Flavor

This was by the far the WINNER of the box!  We can not wait to order more of these and I was thrilled to find out they come in a variety of drool worthy flavors.  The flavor is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy heat on a lighter than air crunchy chip.  They proudly boast a vegan friendly label too.

Vegan: 10/10

Omnivore: 10/10


Ocean’s Halo Texas BBQ Flavorimg_1928-a

While I love nori in my veggie sushi and BBQ flavoring, I was a little scared of this one.  The Omnivore had tried a similar snack in the past and was having flashbacks as he took the tiniest bite.  While we didn’t like the seaweed itself, the Texas BBQ flavor was pretty good.  If seaweed snacks are your thing, give this one a try!

Vegan: 2/10

Omnivore: 0/10


img_1931-aNutiva Coconut Oil Buttery Flavor 

The oil itself has a very artificial butter color, I didn’t really think the taste screamed butter.  I think I’ll just stick with my standard coconut oil.

Vegan: 5/10

Omnivore: 3/10


Huck’s Follow Farm The Everything Crackerimg_1929-a

The first thing that we noticed about these crackers was the packaging.  Yes it carries the vegan label, but the packaging is completely compostable!  The Omnivore thought the crackers weren’t as crunchy as expected.  I felt they had an after taste that wasn’t appealing.  I won’t be exchanging my regular crackers anytime soon.

Vegan: 4/10

Omnivore: 5/10


img_1925-aSimply 7 Kale Chips

I am a chip lover and the salt ratio and crunch is perfect.  I have actually tried these in a previous box and found them very tasty but a little greasy.  The Omnivore thought the kale taste was a little strong and would be better with a dip.

Vegan: 7/10

Omnivore: 7/10


The Ginger People Arjuna Ginger Barimg_1932-a

We aren’t crazy about ginger so we were hesitant about a bar of ginger.  The vegan label is present and so was the ginger!  The bar was almost molasses-like in color and chew.

Vegan: 4/10

Omnivore: 3/10

Bye y’all!

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