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Fall is coming…

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I wait and wait all year for it to get here with its tell-tale signs – my news feed is flooded with families sporting their football team’s logos on their front stoops, the leaves begin to change, and the air turns cool.  One of my family’s favorite things to do is take road trips into the mountains to see the leaves from the sky.  It looks so surreal – almost like a painting.  What’s the first thing you think of when you hear road trip?  Personally, our top items are music and snacks!  This week, I’m going to review a few new snacks I found to see if they are road trip worthy snacks!

Hippeas – Vegan White Cheddar Flavor

These little chickpea puffs are reminiscent of a cheese doodle from childhood.  They come in a variety of flavors – White Cheddar, Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunshine, Maple Haze, Pepper Power, and Happenin’ Hickory.  All of the varieties are organic, non-gmo, gluten free, full of fiber and VEGAN!  I picked up this pack on, but you can order them at places like Amazon (I mean really – what don’t they have in stock?), Albertsons, Wegmans, Starbucks, and Whole Foods.  These are a lot heartier than the traditional counterpart with a more subtle flavor.  I really had to eat a few of them to really taste any “cheese” flavor.

Ominvore Rating: 5/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 6/10

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips – Nacho Flavor

This is the answer for the Doritos lovers out there.  These chips come in multiple varieties like Nacho, Sea Salt, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeno Nacho, White Bean, Black Bean, and Barbecue.  All of Beanfields chips are vegan and gluten free as well as non-gmo and kosher.  This is the perfect road food treat to pack in your car.  The texture of these chips is so good – light and airy with a hint of beans!  We have to confess that we have tried them before, but in a different flavor – Pico de Gallo.  We both agreed that the Pico de Gallo won us over while the Nacho didn’t quite hit the spot for us, but it won’t stop us from finishing the bag!

Omnivore Rating: 7/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan: 7/10

I Heart Keenwah – Dark Chocolate Puff with Himalayan Pink Salt

Finally, now that the cooler air is coming in, we can have chocolate on road trips without fear of coming back to melted chocolate  covered seats!  This is a great snack to pop in your mouth while on a road trip.  This company provides a variety of quinoa products like these puffs, toasted quinoa, hot cereal, quinoa clusters and even tote bags to promote your quinoa pride.  This variety came to me in a previous month’s Vegan Cuts box.  If you don’t get these snack boxes, I highly recommend you check them out here!   It’s well worth the money and you will get to try a lot of new snacks that you may not have found or purchased otherwise.  This was the winner of the day!  Dark chocolate and sea salt is my favorite dessert combination no matter what form it is presented so it was love at first bite for me.  My husband, who hates this combination, couldn’t rate it quick enough though!  This is a MUST HAVE for any road trip!  It may have just become a pantry staple in our household!

Omnivore Rating: 10/10  ~  Wannabe Vegan Rating: 10/10

Bye y’all!

august vegan cuts box review

edited-photo-2Vegan Cuts is a company based in Canada that provides a service to send you a box of randomly selected vegan snacks directly to your door once a month.  They have a monthly vegan beauty box on their website as well as providing a store to purchase your favorite vegan tested treats!  I signed up in March of 2016 and have enjoyed every bite! Visit them here to subscribe today!

August 2016 Box Review

The website states that there should be 10 or more vegan snack items in each box.  Every box I have received has included several more than 10 snacks in addition to several coupons for vegan items that were either in this box or previous boxes.  This month I received 11 snacks in my box one of which was a duplicate snack I have tried in a previous box.  Read on to see what this wannabe Vegan and Omnivore thought!

Cabo Chips Original Flavorimg_1924-b

The chips were very hearty and would be great with dips like hummus or a 7 layer dip.  I didn’t taste any lime flavor unfortunately since I really love lime tortilla chips, but the soy sauce flavor was very strong.  The package does display a vegan label so there’s no question about the ingredients.

Vegan: 6/10

Omnivore: 6/10


img_1930-aBanana Water Mango Flavor

We did refrigerate this sample prior to tasting.  I thought it tasted like a watered down apple juice.  I didn’t really get a banana or mango flavor from this one.  It was refreshing and high in potassium!

Vegan: 6/10

Omnivore: 5/0



Enjoy Life Sugar Crispimg_1934-a

What could be bad about a cookie?  Nothing!  There is a characteristic crunch that I think all gluten free products have, but it was delicious with lots of sugar!  The company actually goes beyond the vegan label and are free from almost all allergens!

Vegan: 7/10

Omnivore: 8/10

img_1927-aBandar Naan Chips Tikka Masala Flavor

I was very much looking forward to trying these since I love Naan bread.  The chips were spicy and very crunchy.  I much prefer the texture of these to pita chips and would be a delicious addition to my hummus rotation especially with the Garlic and Himalayan Salt flavors available on their website.

Vegan: 8/10

Omnivore: 8/10


Karma Cashews img_1933-a

We actually tried our first wrapped cashew this summer at our first Vegetarian Festival.  I never knew there was such a thing!  We liked the additional texture and the skin makes the cashew have a more savory flavor.

Vegan: 8/10

Omnivore: 9/10

img_1926aCassava Pops Luau BBQ Flavor

This was by the far the WINNER of the box!  We can not wait to order more of these and I was thrilled to find out they come in a variety of drool worthy flavors.  The flavor is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy heat on a lighter than air crunchy chip.  They proudly boast a vegan friendly label too.

Vegan: 10/10

Omnivore: 10/10


Ocean’s Halo Texas BBQ Flavorimg_1928-a

While I love nori in my veggie sushi and BBQ flavoring, I was a little scared of this one.  The Omnivore had tried a similar snack in the past and was having flashbacks as he took the tiniest bite.  While we didn’t like the seaweed itself, the Texas BBQ flavor was pretty good.  If seaweed snacks are your thing, give this one a try!

Vegan: 2/10

Omnivore: 0/10


img_1931-aNutiva Coconut Oil Buttery Flavor 

The oil itself has a very artificial butter color, I didn’t really think the taste screamed butter.  I think I’ll just stick with my standard coconut oil.

Vegan: 5/10

Omnivore: 3/10


Huck’s Follow Farm The Everything Crackerimg_1929-a

The first thing that we noticed about these crackers was the packaging.  Yes it carries the vegan label, but the packaging is completely compostable!  The Omnivore thought the crackers weren’t as crunchy as expected.  I felt they had an after taste that wasn’t appealing.  I won’t be exchanging my regular crackers anytime soon.

Vegan: 4/10

Omnivore: 5/10


img_1925-aSimply 7 Kale Chips

I am a chip lover and the salt ratio and crunch is perfect.  I have actually tried these in a previous box and found them very tasty but a little greasy.  The Omnivore thought the kale taste was a little strong and would be better with a dip.

Vegan: 7/10

Omnivore: 7/10


The Ginger People Arjuna Ginger Barimg_1932-a

We aren’t crazy about ginger so we were hesitant about a bar of ginger.  The vegan label is present and so was the ginger!  The bar was almost molasses-like in color and chew.

Vegan: 4/10

Omnivore: 3/10

Bye y’all!

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